Infants and Toddlers

It is hard to leave your little one!  The teachers and aides in our infant and toddler childcare program work hard to help you and your child feel safe and comfortable. Consistent staffing allows your child to get to know and trust the people who care for them.  Even at this age, a Christian education environment is very important to us and to your child.  This is seen in the attitude and the voices of the staff as they work with toddlers on early social skills, in the games and stories read to the children, and in the art and curriculum focus.


We are licensed for 12 infants and toddlers.  Our infant room is designed for the child who is not walking.  Soft surfaces and engaging toys encourage exploration in a safe environment.  Infants are encouraged to develop feeding skills.  Personal daily reports on each infant help you to know how your child spent their day: what they ate, how they slept, any questions or concerns the teachers experienced, and any other pertinent information about your child.  When a child is ready, they move into the toddler room.  Spaces for walking, safe climbing, and age appropriate toy engagement are provided.  Supporting early language development for both groups is of major focus. When your child is ready, potty training support can help you and your child with the transition out of diapers.