Preschoolers: 2's & 3

Two-year-olds and three-year-olds are all about independence and being on the go!  They are busy learning skills for group behavior including sharing, role playing during dramatic play, and learning to make choices.  Balancing the need for independence with group social skills is a challenge for each child.  Our curriculum is thematically based with science, art, music, dramatic play and language development focused around these themes. Christian education elements are an important part of the songs, art and story time.


Separate classrooms for the “2’s” and the “3’s” allows us to place children where they are developmentally ready. We offer a wrap-around schedule that provides childcare before and after the structured preschool session that runs from 8:45-12:30. Special intersession programs for summer time and holidays provide variety and enrichment. Weekly chapel encourages familiarization with our main sanctuary and church staff in order to welcome families who wish to join our church family in regular Sunday worship.