Special Needs Children

While we are not a site designed specifically for special needs children, for all of the fifty years we have been in operation, our facility has sought to provide a safe alternative for families of special needs students, if we feel we can meet that child’s needs.  


We have worked with local school districts and other agencies such as California Children’s Services, the Foundation for the Junior Blind, and private therapy services that have come in to provide specialized care on our site for students who require physical and occupational therapy. Our staff will work with parents within the guidelines of an Individual Educational Plan (IEP), or a 405 plan for educational or behavioral issues. 


We are willing to work hand-in-hand with you and the school to provide for an enriching and safe program for your child within our abilities. With our program extending from the infant through the school age student, we can offer families a long term option for their special needs child as they age-up through their school years.  


School age students who are placed in a Resource Program, Special Day Class, or have other identified accommodations, can receive help based upon their disabilities in the homework program.  We try and send your child home with their homework completed so that you can spend quality family time together.